Strategy & Integration Consultancy in Internet of Things

    Internet of Things…

  • What are the benefices to connect your products?
  • How much does it cost? How much money in it for you?
  • Which are the Business models?
  • How to renew and make evolve your products?
  • How to integrate IoT technologies into your IT systems?
  • Which providers & partners to work with?
  • Are your customers ready for it?

    Oxelar assists Companies in:

  • Benefiting from connected objects, either products or own tools,
  • Designing, developing & certifying their communicating objects (CE Marking for Telecommunication & for Medical Devices),
  • Ensuring security of data exchanges & of connected objects as well,
  • Integrating & giving value to data sent by connected objects into Business processes & Information systems,
  • Adapting & Enhancing Customers' experience, thanks to new collected data & new provided tools,
  • Transforming Business Models from one-off product selling to service providing with recurring incomes.

Oxelar is a Strategy & Integration Consultancy company in Internet of Things (IoT). We are based in Grand Paris, with out-posts in Nantes, Lille and Toulouse.