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Oxelar is member of Systematic.

The Systematic cluster boasts a concentration of technology players in Grand Paris - Ile-de-France Region: more than 800 large industrial companies, SMEs/SMIs, scientific Lab and governmental agencies.
Systematic's domains are Transportation, Energy, Security, Health and Telecommunications.

Oxelar is Orange's certified Partner.

Oxelar is certified by Orange for M2M (machine-to-machine) strategy & integration consulting.
Check out Orange Programme Partners's webiste and find us in partners list. Orange M2M Business services shows business cases and examples of B2B connected objects.

Connect your tools & products…

Aldeon is a consulting company specialized in Machine-to-Machine and in design, operation and manangement of communicating objects. Based in Toulouse, Aldeon is Oxelar's outpost for Southern France.

Manage connected objects' data through website…

Web-atrio develops Business applications and management tools, required to integrate and handle data into Information Systems and to manange connected services.
Web-atrio can produce WEb-GL technology websites useful to create and manipulate 3D objects and spaces on browsers.

Build smart stand-alone devices, certified and marked "CE Medical"…

To develop embedded and real-time calculation middlewares for medical devices, we work with Asitix. Asitix has also a strong experience in CE-certification of medical connected devices. Asitix is our out-post for Northern France.

Process & Analyze data…

Winch Consultant is our partner to process and analyze connected objects' data into decision-support information systems and set up Business Intelligence systems.

Secure Transactions and Informations Systems…

Alliacom is a consultancy specialized in IT infrastructure security. Oxelar work along with Alliacom to secure data flow, processing and backup in sensitive contexts.